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  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Alpenwearables at the Alpengirl Camp Store

Traveling Camp Store 

Unlike a traditional sleep away camp for girls that has a physical "camp store" building on the property, Alpengirl has a one-time traveling camp store sales event that takes place on a scheduled day at a campsite on all sessions.

About half way through Alpengirl camp sessions, the Alpengirl camp logo novelties and Alpenwearables will make their appearance in a cat-walk style fashion show that the Alpenguides will put on. Alpenguides will describe and display all Alpengirl novelties and wearables and girls will have a chance to buy things with their personal spending money (see packing list for suggested personal spending money amounts and uses during camp).

Examples of what we have sold in the past... yoga capri pants, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, sew on patches, stickers, hats, bags, road-side dance party bumper stickers, cookbooks, water bottles, socks, Alpenyoga routine. It’s typical for campers to spend $25-$100 on Alpengirl camp store items, and some campers may just want a $1 sticker and others will want the pant, hoodie and hat plus more. If you are interested in pricing of items, please refer to pricing of last years items available on the Alpengirl Pre-Camp Letter.

Profit from our camp store sales is marginal. We price our items to sell at a low profit margin so it's affordable for girls and we avoid selecting cheaply made things that fall apart upon return home; we attempt to find quality items made of eco friendly materials from companies that incorporate sustainable production practices wherever possible.

All Alpengirl camp store items are first-come, first-served with sizing and availability; once we are out of something, we are out and there are no guarantees that we will re-order the items again.

Camper Care Packages or Birthday Packages

Camper parents, friends or family may wish to purchase a camper care gift package or birthday package for their camper and her camp group. These must be purchased ahead of the summer camp season (before June 15) in order for staff to have them ready for camps in different locations throughout the summer. If you purchase a gift package to celebrate a campers’ birthday during camp - a cake/desert and candles is automatically included; we always celebrate birthdays at camp with a desert and candles regardless of whether or not a birthday gift package is purchased.

  • Package #1: Each camper in the group receives: an Alpengirl camp 4" round logo sticker and a yummy fruit leather. The special camper receives an Alpengirl Cookbook. $20
  • Package #2: Each camper in the group receives: a stamped local postcard, a colored permanent marker, and a chocolate treat. The special camper receives an Alpengirl 16 oz. Nalgene water bottle. $50
  • Package #3: Each camper in the group receives: an organic snack bar, an Alpengirl roadside dance party bumper sticker and a selection of recycled and hilarious 5-minute costume party accessories. The special camper receives an Alpengirl hat. $65

Call the Alpengirl office to arrange for a package and to check to see if other camper gift packages are already purchased for your campers group as to not repeat a package in a session. Payments by cash or check for gift packages should be received in the Alpengirl office by June 15.

Camp parents, friends and families are welcome to arrange their own camper care or birthday packages if they choose to do so, however, due to the nature of our wilderness trips, it is difficult to receive mail or packages during our adventures unless arranged for ahead of time. If mail is something you’d like your daughter to have at camp, it must arrive to Alpengirl by June 15 in order to guarantee delivery during the summer; we will hold it and deliver it to her during camp.  Or, pack pre-written letters or packages in her bags to hand to us upon arrival; we will deliver it to her during camp. Please do not send large or bulky items, candy, gum, or other un-healthy food items. Photos and group gifts are appreciated. Campers may send postcards and letters out during camp.

Alpenguide Gifts – A Token of Appreciation

Camp staff gratuities or gifts are not necessary, however, many parents ask for suggestions on what Alpenguides may enjoy as a token of appreciation for a job well done during camp. Here are some past gifts that Alpenguides have greatly enjoyed and were able to use and/or travel with during the summer:

  • REI gift card
  • Cute hiking socks
  • Natural beauty care products
  • Organic dark chocolate bar
  • Tie-dye or other uniquely colored roll of duct tape
  • Movie passes