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  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Alpenwearables at the Alpengirl Camp Store
  • Summer Camp Care Package The Artist
    'The Artist' Example Care Package
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Local Post Cards from 'The Artist' Care Package
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Camper Displays ALL the Alpengirl Swag
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Camper Presents Her Special Care Package to the Group
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Guides Introducing Camp Store Apparel
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Campers Excited to Send Their Stamped Post Cards Home!
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Alpenguide Modeling Camp Store Items
  • Summer Camp Store Logo Items For Sale
    Care Packages Made with Love!

Traveling Camp Store 

Unlike a traditional sleepaway camp that has a physical "camp store" building on the property, Alpengirl has a one-time traveling camp store sales event that takes place on a scheduled day at a campsite on all sessions.

About half way through most Alpengirl camp sessions, the Alpengirl camp logo novelties and Alpenwearables will make their appearance and campers will have a chance to buy things with their camp store cash (see packing list for suggested amounts).

Our standard items include hoodies, sweatpants, stickers, cookbooks and hats. In addition to the standard camp store items, we may have discounted close out items such as t-shirts, tank tops, water bottles, Alpengirl yoga, hats and toques. It’s typical for campers to spend $25-$100 on Alpengirl camp store items, and some campers may just want a $1 sticker and others will want the hoodie and hat plus more. If you are interested in pricing of items, please refer to pricing of last years items available in the Alpengirl Pre-Camp Letter.

All Alpengirl camp store items are first-come, first-served with sizing and availability; once we are out of something, we are out and there are no guarantees that we will re-order the items again.

Care Packages or Birthday Packages

We offer parents, friends or family an opportunity to pre-purchase an Alpengirl Group Care Package for their camper and her group on all of our camp sessions. If a group care package is purchased to celebrate a campers’ birthday during camp - a cake/dessert and candles is automatically included; we always celebrate birthdays at camp with a dessert and candles regardless of whether or not a care package is purchased. Our Alpengirl Group Care Packages include things such as Alpengirl playing cards, recycled costume accessories, specialty food items, stamped postcards, colored gel pens, temporary tattoos and more! Read more details about our care package choices and how to order them in the Alpengirl Pre-Camp Letter.

Alpenguide Gifts – A Token of Appreciation

Camp staff gratuities or gifts are not necessary, however, many parents ask for suggestions on what Alpenguides may enjoy as a token of appreciation for a job well done during camp. Here are some past gifts that Alpenguides have greatly enjoyed and were able to use and/or travel with during the summer: