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  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Adventuring Together Builds Lasting Friendships
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Circle of Friends!
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Fast Friends After an Amazing Adventure Together
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Campers Making Forever Friends
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Group Hug at Horse Camp!
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Good Friends Bring Out Your Goofy Side
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Jumping for Joy!
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Sunshine, Smiles, So Much Fun
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Looking Out at the Beauty with New Friends
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Camp Makes Friends for a Lifetime
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Riding to New Heights with New Friends
  • Lasting Friendship at Girls Summer Camp
    Ring Around the Hemlock Tree

Friends & Building Friendships

Friendships are camp. Campers bond almost immediately and usually stay in touch long after, sometimes planning to attend more Alpengirl trips together!

Making New Friends

One of the main reasons to join Alpengirl is to make new friends. With 12 or less campers per camp session, groups are very close-knit. We get to know one another very well sharing tent space, partaking in the same activities, and overcoming the same obstacles together. You form a close bond with the other campers because nobody but them will know what your camp experience was like. Campers that play together, stay together.

Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Where Alpengirls shine above the rest is in their inclusivity. They make true efforts to know everybody at camp and don't let anybody feel left out. Alpengirls know that cliques are not okay due to their exclusive nature and are not allowed at camp.  Alpengirls are always asking new buddies to join them and are picking new people to sit next to when we enjoy a meal or circle up. Alpengirls can be friends with everyone at camp even if those at camp are different from those at home. 

Personal Time

Between getting to know and befriend everyone at camp and doing a different activity everyday, you can wear yourself down. Camp is a very social thing so we try to make a small window of daily time for you to have some personal quiet time without the distractions of others. The best time for checking out of the social scene at camp is in bed before lights out when you have quiet time to journal or read. If you are a person who needs lots of personal time and space, you may find this type of camp more challenging, it's pretty active and busy with group time and it's likely that you won't finish your summer reading assignments during camp with us.

Joining Camp Solo

A majority of campers come to Alpengirl solo, this is strongly encouraged and we feel campers and families get the most value from the experience if joining as a solo camper. However, we understand and support that some campers may need a bit of extra encouragement to join an adventure camp and to travel to camp, bringing a friend or sibling is sometimes what it takes to try an adventure camp away from home. We support what it takes to get campers outdoors adventuring, our advice is: if a camper is ready and willing to join solo, encourage it.

Bringing a Friend

If you are nervous for camp, as most campers are, coming with a friend can help you be more comfortable. It’s awesome to have a friend along to share the experience with and to take that experience back home with. Sometimes campers that grew up together and then families moved apart will plan to re-connect together at camp, this is an awesome way to share your friendship together while making new friends and continue growing up together through the learning experiences that summer camp can offer. Please be aware that if you do decide to come with a friend, be sure you are independent enough to not end up taking care of your friend if her interest in camp or excitement for camp is less than yours.

Your Tent Mates

Mixing and mingling is the name of the game at camp - this includes mixing up tent mates for best group cohesiveness. You won't be picking tent mates when you arrive to camp, the Alpenguides have already selected your tent mates for the first half of camp based on a variety of factors. There are 3-4 campers that share a sleeping tent together. If you join camp with a friend or family member, you'll be in different sleeping tents for the first half of camp, to help you both be welcomed into the group. During the second half of camp, when you, the campers, choose new sleeping tents and tent mates, you and your friend are more than welcome to share a tent.

Meet Other Adventuresses!

At Alpengirl an "Adventuress" is a traveler, a voyager, a person who seeks challenges and is willing to try new things. Sometimes an Adventuress will dress up like a pirate for sailing or eat a lentil polenta cream cheese sandwich just to say that they did it. An Adventuress will want to keep hiking just to see what's around the next corner or to see over the next hill. Being an Adventuress is FUN! To be an Adventuress is to be an Alpengirl! Join Alpengirl and meet your fellow Adventuresses!

Girls That Attend Alpengirl

Girls that typically attend Alpengirl are active in sports and/or organized extracurricular activities or clubs, are average or above average students, are in average or above average physical condition, are interested in trying a variety of adventure activities, are interested in camping and being outdoors, are interested in making new friends and seeing new places.

Alpengirl Camp Name

The name Alpengirl is a combination of two different words, Alpenglow plus Supergirl. Alpenglow is the redish-pinkish hue on the mountains seen at sunset. Supergirl has super human powers. Alpengirls are Alpenglowing Supergirls!