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  • Girls Summer Camp with Yoga
    A Relaxing Yoga Morning in Washington

Girls Camp Yoga

Have you ever done yoga before? If you have, then you're in for a treat. If not, don't worry! The yoga practiced at Alpengirl can be enjoyed by all teen girls; no previous experience is necessary. Many of the stretches in Alpenyoga are similar to the stretches you do in PE or while warming up for sports practice.


The Alpenyoga routine is designed specifically for the girls that come to our camp. Alpenyoga is hatha based with a focus on movement to warm up our bodies for each day of adventure. Hatha means “breath”, while yoga means “to unite,” and during Alpenyoga, we unite our mind and our body by uniting our breath with our movement. Yoga can be spiritual and world-conscious in nature, but it is not a religious practice at our camp. Our hope is that girls can have one more healthy activity option to incorporate into their lives.

Alpenyoga is offered to you and for you only! You won’t be doing yoga for anyone but yourself: not for your friends, not for your parents, not even for Alpengirl. You will be doing yoga to benefit yourself, your mind and your body. No judgement will be passed on yourself or others. Humor, patience, and kindness are integral components of yoga at Alpengirl camp.

One of your Alpenguides will lead you through the yoga routine every morning. She will introduce each pose with specific instructions and attention to detail, while coaching you in uniting your breath with your movements.  As you become more familiar with the yoga routine, she will allow you to do more on your own and, if you choose, you will have a chance to lead a few poses on your own!

Yoga is Fun

Even if you’ve done yoga before, you probably have not experienced it like ours. Costumes are regularly donned, songs can sometimes be heard, and laughter is a must.  Some of our poses naturally induce laughter and silliness like “Happy Baby” or “Utkatasana” (more commonly known at camp as “Awkward" or "Pooper" pose.)

Healthy Benefits of Yoga

Everyday at camp starts with yoga to incorporate its healthful benefits into our daily camp lives.  Through the movements and poses we increase our flexibility, loosen our limbs, strengthen our muscles, and work out soreness.  While improving our posture and our balance, yoga helps us to awaken our mind and be more alert and present throughout the day.


After our final relaxation savasana or “Sleeper’s Pose,” we say the word “Namaste” aloud to each other. When we say "Namaste," we are saying ~ I recognize and honor the beauty in myself as a reflection of the beauty in you. This is a thought we embrace at Alpengirl. We are building a community, we are honoring friendship, we are developing a sisterhood built on commonality that honors and respects each persons individuality. Namaste.