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  • Idaho Girls Camp Kayaking
    Try flat water kayaking at Majestic Big Sky Camp
  • Girls Kayak Montana
    Flatwater kayaking on crystal waters of SW MT
  • Girls Camp Canoe
    We can canoe, can you?
  • Paddleboard Girls Camp
    Learning the basics of stand-up paddleboarding
  • Girls Canoe Kayak Sup
    Alpengirls on the water are happy campers
  • Summer Camp Canoe Trip
    Mastering new canoe skills on the Majestic Big Sky Adventure
  • SUP Camp Girls
    Standing strong on a SUP
  • Teen Girls Summer Canoe
    Canoeing among the lily pads in Washington
  • Girls Camp Idaho
    Paddles up for canoe day!
  • Girls Camp River Tubing
    The fun never stops on the out on the water
  • Summer Camp River Float
    A day of river floating and relaxation for Alpengirls
  • Girls Camp Washington Kayak
    Ready to get out on the water for some flatwater kayaking
  • SUP Yoga Girls Camp
    Why not try some SUP yoga?

Canoe, SUP, Flatwater Kayak

The mountain lakes and slow-moving rivers we choose for our watercraft activities welcome us to bask in the sun and have some relaxed fun on calm water while enjoying paddling, swimming, viewing nesting osprey, discovering mysterious underwater grasses and spying a moose in the willows. Paddling provides summer camp girls with a nice pairing of outdoor physical activity with natural relaxation.

Watercraft, Paddles, Lifejackets

Alpengirl rents canoes, stand up paddle boards and recreational kayaks (inflatable or hard shell) from rental companies who provide us with the watercraft, paddles, and a life jacket for everyone. You will be fitted into one of those life jackets, handed a paddle, and taught boating basics by your Alpenguides on a slow moving river or calm lake. Canoeing, kayaking, SUPing at camp is usually a half day event scheduled either for a warm afternoon or in the morning when winds are calmer. When canoeing or kayaking, we will also bring our little backpack packed with the essentials like picnic lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, and rain jacket. 

Because of the potential for getting splashed by a canoe, stand up paddle board or kayak race, we get to hang out in our swimsuits all day, ready for any splashing or jumping in that may occur at a moment’s notice.

Canoe, Kayak, SUP Basics

Campers of all experience and fitness levels are able to canoe, stand up paddle board and kayak at girls camp. In fact, many girls at camp may have never tried these activities before. Before canoeing, stand up paddle boarding or kayaking starts, Alpenguides will introduce the boating basics (gear, technique, safety) to the group while on shore. Then, to assure a smooth start, you'll be paired with canoe/kayak boating partners based on experience and comfort (non-swimmers and poor swimmers will be matched with Alpenguides.) When canoeing, there are typically 2 or 3 campers in a canoe. When kayaking, we typically use 2-person inflatable or hard shell recreational kayaks and sometimes 1-person kayaks. When SUPing, each camper will have their own board and paddle but sometimes, when we have lots of sun and a calm day on a lake to hang out, campers will be inclined to bunch up and play around on SUPs together! All campers have an opportunity to switch canoes and kayaks and different positions in canoes and kayaks during the day on the water. The waterways that Alpengirl uses watercraft on are flat and mild and are easily navigated by beginners. Occasionally shallow waters require you to get out to lighten the load in order to get your canoe or kayak up and over a gravel bar and continue on to the next swimming hole for an epic Alpenolympic water fight!

Gain Canoe, Kayak and SUP Skills

  • Practice Leave No Trace skills while canoeing, kayaking and SUPing in river and lake environments. 
  • Learn methods of entering, exiting and stabilizing canoes, kayaks and stand up paddle boards to avoid tipping.
  • Perform basic paddle strokes and learn how to steer the canoe, kayak and stand up paddle board.
  • Communicate effectively in a canoeing/kayaking partnership and in a group of canoes, kayaks and SUP’s.
  • Identify and avoid natural risks related to canoeing, kayaking and SUPing such as identifying best channels and shorelines, avoiding obstacles, and what to do if you do capsize your canoe, kayak or SUP.

Camps that feature Canoeing, Flat Water Kayaking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding