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  • Montana Whitewater Rafting Girls Camp
    Whitewater rafting - an Alpengirl favorite activity
  • Rafting SW Montana
    Relaxing on the river during the Wild and Scenic Raft Adventure
  • Silly Rafting Summer Camp
    Who says you can't wear costumes on the river?
  • Girls River Kayak Summer Camp
    Girls with altitude prepare for a day of whitewater fun
  • Floating Rapids Girls Camp
    Sometimes the best way to beat the heat is to go with the flow!
  • Teen Girls River Adventure
    White water on the White Salmon River - WA
  • Raft Guide Teen Girls
    Professional river guides steer Alpengirls through the rapids
  • Girls Rafting Camp Washington
    Beautiful cliffs and smiling faces on the White Salmon River
  • Girls Rafting Camp Oregon
    Riding the nose on the White Salmon River
  • Raft Guide Teenage Girls
    Our guide demonstrates a highly technnical maneuver
  • White Salmon River Raft
    Building a little team spirit on rafting day
  • Relax Raft Summer Camp River Trip
    The Main Salmon River - Wild & Scenic Rafting Adventure

Whitewater Rafting

Alpengirl offers at least one afternoon of whitewater rafting on most of our sessions and it is definitely one of the most anticipated activities at this summer camp.

Rafting at Camp

All of our whitewater rafting trips are outfitted by professional guide companies. After gearing us up with river shoes, life jackets, wetsuits and sometimes helmets too, a professional raft guide will give us a riverside safety talk and then we’re off, paddling our way through paradise! The guide will usually separate our group into two boats and although we won’t be able to talk to each other, we will be able to watch each other go through the rapids and splash each other in an Alpenolympic water fight. The raft guides coach us through each rapid telling us when to paddle and when to paddle harder for maximum thrills. No matter where you raft with Alpengirl, you’ll have a blast! Teens ages 12-14 who are really excited about whitewater rafting at camp this summer should join us on the Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft Adventure for 5 days, 4 nights on the Main Salmon River in Idaho!

Rivers We Raft

Experienced or not, rafting with Alpengirl is always rewarding. The rivers we raft contain rapids that are class II to IV on a scale of VI. Depending on water levels that year, rivers can demand lots of maneuvering at low water or fast decision making at high water. Each river we raft provides us with beautiful scenery from carved out canyons and giant boulders, to open meadows and forests with small streams.

We're able to switch around seats in the raft to experience all positions: the seats that stay dryer are next to the raft guide, the seats that get more splashes are near the front, and the “riding the bull” position up in the very front is the most exciting seat.

Out of the Boat

Opportunities are often provided to jump out of the raft and into the river. You can swim around the raft or float alongside, feet pointing downstream. You then can experience the humor and fun of being pulled back into the boat by your camp friends and guides. If you do rafting with Alpengirl, be sure to try floating along side the boat - it is so much fun, don’t miss out!

Camps with Whitewater Rafting