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Outdoor Rock Climbing

Alpengirl summer camp provides a supportive, friendly environment where you can attach yourself to a harness and rope and climb up a rock wall or to lower yourself over the top of a rock wall. Rock climbing and rappelling are two challenging, yet thrilling activities offered at different Alpengirl camp sessions.

Rock Climbing

“Climb on!” is a rock climbing command used in the top rope style of climbing practiced at Alpengirl. This means that the climber, who is wearing a harness and helmet, is attached to one end of the climbing rope, the rope runs to the top of the rock wall, through an anchor (man-made to support the rope), and down to the belayer, who is also wearing a helmet and harness, who, through a belay system, takes in all the slack in the rope as the climber climbs. It is the belayers job to keep the rope taut while the climber is climbing to lower the climber down when done climbing. Top rope climbing is the type of rock climbing that most campers are familiar with if they have been to an indoor rock climbing gym.


Controlling your descent on a rope over a rock wall or cliff is the sport of rappelling. At Alpengirl we sometimes get the chance to rappel ourselves from the top of a rock wall to the bottom. Wearing a helmet and harness, we attach ourselves to a small device that enables us to control our own lowering speed. It is so much FUN!

Climbing at Alpengirl

Whether you are a 5.12 climber or have never been climbing outdoors before, you will find a climb perfect for your level. With rope handling, safety talks, and communication basics done on the ground, climbing shoes, helmets and harnesses are fitted and we head out for the rocks! You’ll spend the afternoon getting hands-on coaching in climbing technique, belaying your friends, and successful climbing! Many climbs are set up simultaneously, so you can take turns between belaying and snacking on lunch. Many campers enthusiastically strive to reach the top of each climb but rappelling remains the highlight of the day. The level you go to in climbing is up to YOU. We’ll encourage you to go a bit beyond your super comfortable zone, but how much or how little you do it completely up to you. There is no pressure, only encouragement from your friends.

Camps with Rock Climbing