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  • Girls Sea Kayak at Washington Camp
    North Cascades Camp & Sea Kayaking 101

Ocean Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking at girls summer camp is a stable and fun way to learn about wild harvesting, tide pools, and the ocean environment and a great way to catch a glimpse of eagles, otters, seals with pups and maybe cruising Orca whales! Paddling sea kayaks in Washington has been a favorite activity among past Alpengirls.

What is Sea Kayaking?

A sea kayak is long narrow boat with a wide bottom that is designed for open water paddling, carrying cargo, and efficiency in straight-line paddling. Stable in open waters, these boats are ideal for multi-day trips along coastlines of Washington. The kayaks can fit either one person in a single kayak or two people in a double, or tandem, kayak. Each person in the boat wears a PFD and paddles with their own paddle that has a blade on both ends of the shaft and the person in the back has foot pedals to direct steering.

Sea Kayaking in Washington

Paddling 2-person sea kayaks with professional instruction from one of Alpengirl’s kayaking outfitters is an actively fun way to view wildlife and coastal views while building incredible arm and back strength. If you join us on the North Cascades Adventure, you'll paddle the in the San Juan Islands for a full day. If you are age 12-14 and join us on the Olympic Sea to Summit Adventure, you'll find yourself sea kayaking for 3 full days on a multi-day overnight sea kayaking trip in the San Juan Islands near Bellingham, Washington.

Camps with Sea Kayaking