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  • Girls Surf School and Camp
    Approaching the surf in Oregon
  • Teen Girls Surf Oregon
    Alpengirls strike a classic surfer pose with their boards
  • Surf Lessons Summer Camp
    A few helpful hints on land before taking on the waves
  • Summer Camp Beach Oregon
    Beach relaxation is an important part of surfing too
  • Surf Waves Summer Teen Camp
    Three cheers for surfing the Oregon Coast!
  • Teen Girl Surf Oregon Coast
    Riding it all the way to the beach
  • Teen Girls Surf Camp
    Alpengirls 'Hang Loose' with their surf instructor
  • Teen Surf Camp Adventure
    There's nothing like catching the first wave of the day

Ocean Surfing

Surfing at summer camp is one of the most popular activities offered - if you’ve never tried surfing before, or even if you have and just want to continue in the radness of it, join us this summer and learn how to surf with stoke! We use professional surf instructors and a have a high camper to instructor ratio on the pacific coast in Oregon.

Surf lessons

Alpengirl contracts with professional surf instructors who teach us all we need to know about surfing on the Oregon Coast. The beginner level lessons provide a great opportunity for all campers to learn the fundamentals of surfing. Expert instructors will teach you ocean awareness, equipment use, water safety, surf techniques and surf etiquette. Your surf instructors are certified in First Aid, CPR and Water Safety. Your 1st day three-hour lesson will begin with approximately forty-five minutes of dry land instruction and gearing up with wetsuits, gloves, booties and surfboards. Next, we grab our quiver of boards and walk them down to the beach to practice pop-ups (the quick move you make in order to rise from laying down paddling on the board to standing up and surfing on the board on a wave) and receive a visual overview of the waves and surf boundaries. Then we head out to the water to practice and catch that first wave. We’ll have a 4:1 student/instructor ratio to assure that you receive the attention and quality of instruction that you deserve. Your 2nd lesson will re-enforce what you learned already the day before and today you’ll have more confidence and time to catch waves, improve on technique and receive personal coaching for improvements.

Camps with Surfing