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  • Alpengirl Pre-Camp Letter to Camp Families
    Welcome to Boise, ID Airport - An Alpengirl Group

Alpengirl's Pre-Camp Letter - Example

In late May, a pre-camp letter (similar to the one below on this page) is emailed to campers and camp parents. The letter includes detailed pre-camp information such as unaccompanied minor staff names, communication during camp, medication policies, personal property regulations, sharing tents, ipods and music, Alpenwear sales, and last minute camp updates.

Dear Alpengirls,  we’re looking forward to your arrival to Alpengirl Camp this summer!  

How are summer camp preparations coming along? Are you shopping for camp gear, wearing boots in, getting fit, reading your itinerary and submitting your online camp forms? You’ll find it’s all worth the effort; being prepared for camp will make your arrival to camp easy and your time at camp more enjoyable. 

There’s lots of detailed and important information for you and your parents to read in this letter.

Alpengirl will be calling you on June 20th, 21st or 22nd to get to know you better and to answer any questions you have and to confirm your travel plans to camp. Also, feel free to call us anytime at the Alpengirl office. 

[NOTE: calls from camp staff will be from BLOCKED numbers, please plan to pick-up blocked number calls on June 20-22.]

We can’t wait to adventure with you!  Adventurously Yours,  Alpengirl


We contract with professional outfitters to provide some of our camp activities such as rock climbing, surfing, horseback riding and rafting. These professional outfitters have their own waivers that are separate from all the Alpengirl forms or paperwork you have completed. Outfitter waivers specific to each session are attached to this email (they are not found on our website.) These waivers must be printed and signed and brought with you to camp in Ziploc #1 (see packing list.) Without the signed waivers, you will not be able to participate in those activities.

[Note - there are NO waivers for the Lil’ Alpengirl sessions.]

National Park Visitor Use Form

If you're attending North Cascades, Cascades Sea to Summit, WA Lil's or Olympic Sea to Summit Adventures you will find a Visitor Use Acknowledgment of Risk Form attached to this email which should be signed by a parent and packed in your Ziploc #1 (see packing list) for collection upon arrival to camp by camp staff.


Upon arrival to camp, you'll receive an Alpengirl t-shirt. You should wear a comfortable travel outfit (select something appropriate from our packing list or bring a travel outfit to keep clean for arrival and departure from camp) and arrive to camp looking for Alpenguides who are wearing an Alpengirl camp t-shirt. 


100+ Alpengirl non-professional, un-edited snapshot camp photos are for sale for your session. You may send a $40 check to Alpengirl anytime or we can collect it from your camper upon arrival to camp. Proceeds support The Burnt Lake Foundation in providing camp scholarships to girls. Photos will be made available to you soon after the camp season ends in late August. 

Internet Policies

Social networking sites offer content both bad and good. At best, they provide a place for the meaningful exchange of creative ideas, memories, and dialogue, keeping people connected to the friends and experiences that matter most. In general, our camp views social networking sites (YouTube, Facebook, etc), personal web sites, and blogs positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. If a camper chooses to identify herself as a camper at our camp on such internet venues, some readers of such web sites or blogs may view the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp. In light of this possibility, our camp asks, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or employees:

  • Campers should be respectful in all communications related to or referencing the camp, its employees, and other campers.
  • Campers should not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.
  • Campers should not disparage the camp, other campers, or employees of the camp.
  • Campers should not harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of the camp.
  • Campers should not discuss engaging in conduct that is prohibited by camp policies.
  • Campers should not post potentially offensive or embarrassing camp photos of any other camper or employees of the camp.


Due to the nature of these wilderness trips, it is difficult to receive mail during our adventures. If mail is something you’d like your daughter to have at camp, you’ll need to have mail delivered to the Alpengirl office by June 7 so that we can be sure to be able to deliver it to her during camp. The best option for camp mail is to pack pre-written letters in her bags to hand to us upon arrival; we will deliver it to her during camp. Please do not send candy, gum, or food items. Photos and group gifts are appreciated. Campers may send mail out during camp but if often reaches home after camp ends.

Group Care Packages

Camper parents, friends or family may wish to purchase an Alpengirl Care Package for their camper and her group. Our packages include gifts for each camper in the group + 1 special gift just for the camper whose friends/family purchased the care package.

Alpengirl Care Packages must be purchased ahead of the summer camp season in order for them to be packed and ready for camps in different locations throughout the summer. Only (1) of each type of care package is allowed per trip, so it is best to order early. To order, contact the Alpengirl office and check on availability and reserve your package. Payment by cash or check must be received in the Alpengirl office by June 7.

All group care packages are packed based on a full group of 10-12 girls; if there is less than a full group, the camper whose friends/family purchased the care package will receive the extra gifts.

If a group care package is purchased to celebrate a campers’ birthday during camp - a cake/dessert and candles is automatically included; we always celebrate birthdays at camp with a dessert and candles regardless of whether or not a care package is purchased.

With guidance from the Alpengirl office staff (to assure accommodation and delivery), camper family/friends are welcome to create their own group care package.

No pressure.. not every camper, nor every trip has care packages, it’s just a fun extra to accommodate care package requests by some camp parents.

Alpengirl Group Care Package Choices:

  • The Foodie: Each camper in the group receives: an Alpengirl camp 4” round logo sticker and a delicious Mama Chia squeeze snack pack. The special camper receives an Alpengirl Cookbook. $25
  • The Artist: Each camper in the group receives: A yummy pack of brownie brittle, a stamped local postcard, a colored gel pen and an artsy temporary tattoo. The special camper receives a set of charcoal sketching pencils and an artist sketchbook to capture the beauty around her! $50
  • The Circus Queen: Each camper in the group receives: A red circus clown nose, yummy circus animal cookies, an alpengirl roadside dance party bumper sticker, and a selection of recycled and hilarious 5-minute costume party accessories. The special camper receives a collapsible travel hula hoop in orchid royal purple color. $70

Camp Store

Alpengirl logo clothing and novelties are available for purchase during camp on all sessions. All sizes, colors, and styles are available on a first-come, first-served basis and there are no guaranteed re-orders of items and no guarantee that items can be bought at a later date, once an item is gone, it’s gone. 

Typical Camp Store Prices:

  • 4” round Alpengirl stickers $.50
  • “This vehicle stops for road-side dance parties” bumper stickers $1
  • Hoodies $38
  • Sweat pants $34
  • Alpengirl Yoga black & white page print-out $4
  • Alpengirl trucker style hat $16
  • Tank top $16
  • Nalgene 16 oz narrow mouth water bottles $12
  • Playing cards $8
  • Alpengirl cookbook $8
  • Other assorted Sauce headbands, hats and toques $10-$20


Girls will share a tent with 2 or 3 other girls. For the first half of camp, tent mates are assigned. As a group, girls will decide after the first half of camp how the rotation of tent mates and tents will change. If you are joining us with a friend, expect to share tents with new friends during the first half of camp.


Campers may wish to bring a few favorite CD’s and/or an iPod for group music listening (we won’t be using any phones capable of music storage for group music listening during camp.) Personal headphones are not allowed during camp sessions, you may wish to carry them for flight travel, but they will be collected during session.

Personal Property Regulations

Optional camper personal sporting equipment (helmets, climbing harness, etc) brought to camp must be inspected prior to arrival and be in safe condition, it will also be inspected and approved for use by Alpenguides upon arrival. Campers are responsible for storing personal gear and property. Alpengirl cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage of any items you bring to camp. Campers are not allowed to bring their own horse or other animals to camp. Campers are not allowed to bring alcohol, drugs or weapons of any sort to camp. Alpenguides may perform searches and seizures of weapons, illegal substances or other prohibited items.

Technology - Cell Phones, E-book Readers, GoPro, etc

Alpengirl policies regarding technology at camp:

  • Girls are not allowed to use e-book readers during camp. Girls may bring books with them for reading during camp in the evenings before ‘lights out’ in tents.
  • Cell phones with camera function may not be used at camp, the camera MUST be separate from a cell phone. 
  • Cell phones are collected at the start of camp, turned off and stored for non-use during most of camp (read more about campers and cell phone use below.)
  • Please avoid bringing GoPro or camcorders to camp. Alpengirl does not allow campers to take video of people during camp. If interested in self video or landscape video we can discuss your camper bringing a GoPro or camcorder to camp, please call us for request and further discussion.


“Medication” is any substance a person takes to maintain and/or improve their health. This includes vitamins and natural remedies. Bring enough medication to last the entire time at camp.  Medication brought to camp should be in original pharmacy containers with labels that show the campers name and how the medication should be given. (If re-packaging any medications, you MUST include a photocopy of the original container label.) Medications brought to camp must be listed on the health form and include dispensing directions on the container that match dispensing directions given on the health form. If your doctor has recommended dosages different than what is stated on the container, a doctor’s notation on the health form is required for administering during camp. Upon arrival, Alpenguides will collect camper medications and dispense them during camp as directed by individual health forms. 

If you are (or think you may be) severely allergic to bee or wasp stings or foods/plants and require medication, you are REQUIRED to bring your own self-injecting epi-pen as a back-up to ours.

If you require an inhaler, you must bring 2 with you to camp (1 inhaler can be kept in the possession of those with the prescription.)

Campers that arrive with medications not listed on their health form will not be given the medication until a parent gives verbal permission.

The following non-prescription medications may be stocked in the camp first aid supplies and are used on an as needed basis to manage illness and injury (unless you indicated on your health form that they are not to be given):

Ibuprofen (Advil®, Motrin®), Acetaminophen (Tylenol®), Pseudoephedrine decongestant (Sudafed®), Generic cough drops, Diphenhydramine antihistamine/allergy medicine (Benadryl®), Epinephrine emergency treatment of allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) (EpiPen® auto-injector), Laxatives for constipation (ExLax®), Loperamide anti- diarrheal (Imodium A-D®), Aloe, Anti-itch creams or sticks

Alpengirl will be providing and using Aqua Mira® chlorine water purification drops during backpacking trips, if you prefer an alternate method for water purification, please let us know before camp. NOTE: Most of the time during camp we have potable water to drink and the only days when we’ll need to use these methods to purify our drinking water is during multi-day backpacking, horse or raft portions of the trip (typically less than 5 days of any camp session), or possibly other times when on a hike or canoe trip.

Eating, Drinking & Self-Health Care

Participants will be instructed on how to keep warm, clean, dry and hydrated/nourished while at camp, in outdoor environments. Participants are expected to follow these instructions during camp, to monitor their own health, and to report all health care concerns they have for themselves or for others to Alpenguides immediately. In most cases participants will drink more water, experience altered digestive activity, experience different sleep and eating patterns, and eat different types and quantities of foods than they do at home.

Additionally, we ask parents to lay out their expectations for their campers in regards to wearing of sunscreen and mosquito repellant during camp. Camp staff will remind campers to apply/reapply sunscreen and repellant but we could really use parent help in setting the expectation for this before camp. Counting mosquito bites at summer camp is not  a camp tradition we want to perpetuate.

Pre-Camp Calls

Each camper/parent will receive a phone call from one of her Alpenguides (or Alpengirl office staff) in late June. During the call we’ll re-confirm travel itineraries and meeting plans, confirm that you have required waivers packed for outfitted activities (none required for Lil’s), ask questions about health forms, answer last minute questions, and assure that you are ready for a great adventure! 

Pre-camp calls are scheduled to be placed anytime on June 20, 21 or 22. Camp staff will place the pre-camp call 1x to each parent/guardian telephone number you have provided. If unavailable, a message will be left confirming travel and meeting information and will address any other items of great importance.

[NOTE: calls from camp staff will be from BLOCKED numbers, please plan to pick-up blocked number calls on June 20-22.]

If you have important questions and think you may miss the pre-camp call, or if you want to make sure your camper has an opportunity to talk to a camp staffer, or if you just want to make sure your questions are answered well ahead of camp, please contact the Alpengirl office as questions arise.

Put a face to the voice on the phone; take a look at the staff page on our web site to learn more about your guides before they call you. Your camp staff Alpenguides are:

  1. ______________________
  2. ______________________

Campers Calling Home During Camp

Campers call home on these scheduled occasions during camp...

  1. Campers arriving by airplane will call home within 2 hours of airport arrival. 
  2. Campers will be calling home 1x from camp (except Lil’ Alpengirls.) This call is scheduled during the day before camp ends from personal cell phones while souvenir shopping in the morning, afternoon or early evening. Campers will be able to try calling home only during the time allotted; again, phones and time are limited on these adventures.
  3. Campers departing by airplane will be instructed to call home before boarding planes upon departure.

Parents Calling Camp

If parents have a need to call camp during their daughter’s camp session, parents should call Alpengirl in Montana at 406-570-6312. Alpengirl office staff will be checking voice mail at least one time each day except for multi-day backpacking, horse or raft trip days when we may be with groups in remote wilderness locations all day. If you do not hear back from us within a few days, you should assume we are in the backcountry, we will return your call as promptly as possible. Returning your call and responding to your needs at home may be delayed due to the nature of our wilderness trips. Alpengirl groups have a cell phone and satellite communication device available for emergency use only. Alpenguides check in with the Alpengirl office and camp director regularly throughout each session.

Staff Calling Parents During Camp

Alpenguides or Camp Director (Alissa Farley) or Alpengirl office staff will be in contact with parents as needed during camp. You can be certain that we will call you if there is more than a bit of homesickness, illness, or injury that requires more than a band-aid. We air on the side of caution and take your daughters concerns seriously. And, remember, “No News is Good News.”

Alpenguides or Camp Director (Alissa Farley) or Alpengirl office staff will be calling home on 1 pre-scheduled day during your daughter’s session (except Lil’ Alpengirl sessions.) This call may be placed at any time; morning, afternoon, or evening on that scheduled day. Reminder -this call will be from camp staff, NOT your camper. Please understand, these are wilderness based trips, we have one scheduled day to get in touch with all parents during the trip, phones and cellular services on other days or other times of day are not guaranteed. If we can’t reach parent/guardians at any of the numbers you have provided on the day we are scheduled to call you and at the time we are able to make calls, a detailed message will be left to update you with news from camp and of your daughter. [NOTE: calls from camp staff will be from BLOCKED numbers, please plan to pick-up blocked number calls while your daughter is at camp with us.]

The schedule is as follows during your adventure:

  • Majestic Big Sky - Monday July 22, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Montana & Yellowstone - Wednesday July 10, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Yellowstone Horseback (I) - Friday July 5, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Yellowstone Horseback (II) - Tuesday June 25, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Wild & Scenic Salmon Raft - Friday August 2, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Columbia, Cascades & Coast - Monday July 1, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • North Cascades - Sunday July 14, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Cascades Sea to Summit - Saturday July 27, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Olympics Sea to Summit - Friday July 26, 2019 (morning, afternoon or evening)

Blog & Facebook Updates

Alpenguides will be providing the Camp Director with information about camp/campers on a regular basis from the field while camp is in session. The Camp Directors or Alpengirl office staff will use this information to blog and Facebook about things going on at camp during the summer. We recommend that parents “LIKE” Alpengirl Camp on Facebook and sign up to receive the Alpengirl blog via email (You may also go to the the Alpengirl Blog on our website and look for blog email sign-up link.)

In some sessions, while the Camp Director or Alpengirl office staff are visiting groups in the field, we’ll be able to post a photo or two of camp groups while at camp, but we can not do this for every camp session due to remote locations and limited computer/technology access during camp. We will however be able to post text about each camp session during camp on the Blog and Facebook.

Air Travel: Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Tickets 

Parents, if you have purchased an “unaccompanied minor ticket” (UM) so that your daughter receives airline assistance during travel…when you check your daughter in for her flight, please double check that the correct Alpenguide name is listed on arrival. Use the contact information and drivers’ license information you see below with the staff name. Don’t wait until you’re checking in your camper for her flight to find out what the airline rules are regarding minors. Be prepared ahead of time and avoid travel day stress by checking in with your airline NOW about what needs they require for “Unaccompanied Minor Tickets”. Also, at check-in or before check-in, please attempt to pay for the Unaccompanied Minor Ticket on return and be sure to pack the “paid in full” receipt in your campers carry-on bags so the airline does not charge you again on departure. Sometimes airlines will not provide a receipt for this, in that case, please write a note for camp staff that says you paid for return upon check-in. If you are unable to pay for return, you need to have cash in an envelope for return fees, the camp staff will hold this during camp for your daughter to so that it is not used for any other reason.

If you have a UM ticket purchased for your campers arrival to Alpengirl, you MUST have this Alpengirl camp staffer listed as the UM adult who will collect her on arrival to camp: 

  • Session: ________________________
  • Arrival Name, Phone & ID Info: _________________________  

[Note: At the airline check-in counter, you should bring the correct staff name, phone number and driver license information we have provided to you and present it to the airline personnel checking in your camper - be SURE that the name on the computer AND the name on the written airline paperwork that your camper travels with matches what you have in hand. Do this even if you already did it when making the reservation, you could possibly avoid airline/airline personnel errors by doing this.]

Air Travel: Baggage Fees

Be sure to pack airline baggage fee cash in a separate envelope in Ziploc #1 (see Packing List) for your return flight. Alpenguides will hold this for you during camp so that it is not used for any other reason. If you have pre-paid the return bag fees, you must include a receipt of the transaction in Ziploc #1.

Cancellation & Program Interruption Insurance

We recommend that you review your existing insurance coverages and consider additional insurance coverages. Travmark A+ Program Protection Plan includes coverage for program cancellation, program interruption, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and baggage/personal effects at very competitive rates. Call Travmark at 800-358-0779 ext. 221.

Reminders Just Before Camp

  • Did you list all medications (midol, advil, vitamins, etc) on your campers’ health form? 
  • Any recent changes to your campers mental or physical health since completing the health form? If so, please call Alpengirl and suggest considerations her well-being at camp.
  • Did you pack a self-injecting Epi-Pen if you know (or suspect) that your daughter is severely allergic to bee/wasp stings or foods/plants?
  • Did you pack an extra inhaler if your daughter requires an inhaler?
  • Any new or changed parent/guardians telephone numbers or contact information? If so, email Alpengirl.
  • Check your calendar and make arrangements to be accessible to a phone on the call from camp staff day (see schedule above) & the camper call home day (the day before camp ends, except for Lil’s camp sessions).
  • Arrange pre-written letters and group care packages (no food or candy) for your daughter to receive during camp. Alpengirl gift package orders are due by June 7. (Optional)
  • Have you checked with your airline regarding rules and age restrictions for minors traveling alone?
  • Print and review the travel information with your camper.