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  • Alpengirl Camp Director - Gabby
    Welcome to Camp - From Alpengirl Camp Director

Camp Director Welcome Letter

Dear Alpengirls,

Welcome to Camp! This summer your Alpengirl team will delight in captivating the Adventuress in YOU!

We have a heartfelt interest in seeing that you have a great experience with us and that you see a rewarding future with Alpengirl.

Alpengirl offers you an exciting opportunity to make lasting friendships, camp in tents or under the stars, cook and eat good camp cuisine, enjoy daily yoga and relaxation, challenge yourself physically and mentally, fuel your enthusiasm for wild and scenic places, and to experience a larger world.

Get ready to make it your Best Adventure! By wearing in your hiking boots, reading the website, and by exercising regularly prior to camp (rigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes 4-5 times per week for a month prior to camp) you'll be better prepared for camp.

There are a few things we'd like to highlight about the Alpengirl camp experience:

Alpengirls are expected to display acts of human kindness and to develop an appreciation of individual differences. There is a huge diversity in the type of people encountered at camp, some will have similar lives outside of camp, and others will have very different lives. Camp can open your eyes to new ways of thinking, to new cultures, and to new ways of being. Alpengirls have open minds and open hearts.

Camp is a GROUP experience. Your attitude influences the group. A majority of time at camp is spent with the group as a whole. Positive attitude is expected; Alpengirls are not expected to love everything we do, but are expected to appreciate having done it. Also, Alpengirls aim to maintain a non-exclusive group; your participation in that effort is REQUIRED.

Your Alpenguides will greet you upon arrival. Once your entire group is present you'll travel by van to the first campsite. The van and all of your belongings will be available to you during a majority of camp.

You’ll be sharing a backpacking style tent with 2 or 3 other Alpengirls in public campgrounds and in wilderness campsites. Alpenguides will select your tent mates before you arrive at camp. Friends/Siblings will have an opportunity to share a tent during the second half of camp. You will learn and practice "Leave No Trace" camping and travel practices including things like how to properly wash your hair and go to the bathroom in the woods (most of the time, we have a bathroom available to us), purify drinking water, and keep a clean camp and cooking area.

There will be several days without shower or laundry facilities but on our trips that are longer than 1 week, we’ll have showers and do laundry.

Your cell phones are turned off and stored for a majority of time during camp, the only time when you'll use your phone is upon flight arrival to call parents to let them know you're with us, and upon flight departure to call parents to let them know you're on your way. Choosing to attend Alpengirl means that you are prepared and willing to turn your cell phone off during camp in order to fully engage in the group and the outdoor camp experience. 

With your cook group, you'll cook and present dinner to your new friends at camp! We strive to select healthy and diverse recipes that challenge your cooking skills and develop your palate (pal-ate n: a personal sense of flavor and taste). You'll try a variety of foods new to you and you'll enjoy old favorites like French toast with yogurt and granola, and chicken fajitas with beans and rice (vegetarian options available). Bon appetit and bon voyage!

Welcome to our Alpengirl Family; a home away from home for the "Adventuress" in you!

Adventurously Yours,

Gabby McElwain

Alpengirl LLC

Camp Director