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Girls Summer Camp Scholarships & Discounts

Alpengirl Camp is small, but mighty!

We work hard to offer only the best teen adventure camp sessions at a reasonable price that allow us to stay small and personal without cutting corners.

The sessions we offer are busy, fun and full of activities because that’s what our campers enjoy. But, because of the many varied activities offered in one session and because we believe in paying for the best outfitters and Alpenguides, the tuition can be a challenge for some families. So, this page includes a few ways for parents and girls to save on camp tuition via scholarships and other incentives.

3 Different Camp Scholarships Available to Alpengirls

The scholarships listed here are ordered from MOST to least important as far has how much each could help with financial assistance. We encourage you to apply for all 3.

  1. The Burnt Lake Foundation Scholarship Application (pdf). The Burnt Lake Foundation (BLF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Denver, Colorado and is operated by a few volunteer board members. Applications are due March 15 each year and recipients are announced March 30. Typical scholarships awarded are 30-50% of tuition, however, they may vary to any amount of tuition. If you’re applying for this scholarship, PLEASE notify Alpengirl as soon as your application is submitted so that we can follow-up with the scholarship on your behalf.
  2. The Kid For The Wild Scholarship Application (pdf). The Kid for the Wild scholarship is available to campers age 12-17 and is a tribute to the memory and vision of Walkin' Jim Stotlz and his “kid for the wild” spirit. $400 is awarded to 2 Alpengirl recipients each year, applications are due February 15 and recipients are announced March 20. If you’re applying for this scholarship, PLEASE notify Alpengirl as soon as your application is submitted so that we can follow-up with the scholarship on your behalf.
  3. The Alpengirl ACA Campership Application (pdf). The American Camp Association (ACA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that accredits Alpengirl Camp. Individuals and organizations make financial contributions that are payable to ACA and are designated to the “Alpengirl Campership Fund.” Contributions are awarded to Alpengirl campers who have requested financial assistance and have been reviewed by Alpengirl Camp. Applications are accepted after January 1st each year (apply as early as possible) and recipients are announced at varying dates depending on the application pool and funding. Please consider making a CAMPERSHIP DONATION (tax deductible) that will assist girls in becoming Alpengirls!    

For ALL Listed Camp Scholarship Applications Above:

  1. Call Alpengirl to determine if there is space available at your session(s) of choice and to determine if the Alpengirl program is a good fit for your daughter.
  2. Decide if you want to register for your space regardless of a scholarship awarded. If you want to make sure that there is a space saved for you at camp, you’ll need to register for camp online with a $600 deposit and all rules of registration are applied as normal (you’ll be reimbursed overpayments if you receive and accept a scholarship at a later date.) If you are not able to attend camp without a scholarship, you’ll need to wait to see if you are awarded a scholarship (and determine if the amount awarded is sufficient) before registering online.
  3. Submit the scholarship application along with any other forms or documents required by the application and ALWAYS keep copies of your submitted application materials. 
  4. Wait. The waiting time for the BLF scholarship and the Alpengirl ACA Campership will vary. You may receive a phone call or email within just a few days of applying or you may be waiting several months to receive word of a scholarship decision. You may contact Alpengirl anytime for a scholarship update or session availability update.

Additional Alpengirl Camp Tuition Discounts & Incentives

  • Camp Tuition Trade. We need help with things, and we’re open to suggestions and proposals. What do you have to offer that you think we may need? Make a suggestion by email or call us, we’ll take lots of things into consideration. Past proposals that were successful in earning a reduced camp tuition have included camping on private property in Idaho, poster creation and distribution campaigns, and online interactions promoting Alpengirl to friends. A few current things we’d consider for tuition trade at the moment: a campaign for online sharing of Alpengirl Camp to friends, organizing Alpengirl presentations and slideshows, representing Alpengirl at a local camp fair. 
  • Forms & Final Payment Due Date. If you meet the forms and final payment due date of April 21, 2018, your campers name is automatically entered into a drawing to WIN a $100 REI Gift Card! Drawing will occur on April 22, 2018 and winner will be announced on Alpengirl camp blog and Facebook page. In order to qualify, you MUST have payment and forms 100% complete and delivered to Alpengirl before April 22, 2018 this includes:
  1. Final payment by check or money order received at Alpengirl Camp PO Box 1138 Manhattan, MT 59741
  2. Travel Form  
  3. Risk Form 
  4. Getting to Know YOU Form (completed by camper) 
  5. Getting to Know HER Form  
  6. Health History Form 
  7. Health Care Recommendation Form (pdf)