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Attitude, Participation & Group Travel

Attitude is IT! Positive and optimistic attitudes can get someone a long way. At Alpengirl we expect that you come to camp with an optimistic attitude, eager to open your mind to new things and possibilities. Alpengirl encourages you to smile and to see the good side instead of the bad to make your camp experience that much better. It’s not to say you can’t have a bad day while at camp or that you have to have a bubbly personality, we just ask that you keep an open mind and welcome new, different and sometimes challenging experiences into your life.

Camp Group Participation

Each camper is expected to arrive at camp as a willing participant with a commitment to staying at camp for the entire session. By registering for camp, you’re agreeing that you are a willing camp participant and that you are physically able to participate in camp activities and that you'll participate to your comfort level and perhaps challenge yourself just beyond your known comfort level to discover a whole new level you never knew you had. While participating we ask you to give it your best effort, give it your all, and go for it 100%. With personal challenge comes personal growth.

Camp Group Travel & Compromise

Group travel involves compromises to accommodate diverse desires, physical abilities, and personalities of all group members. Alpenguides may be required to improvise and exercise their discretion to make decisions that are intended to satisfy the desires of the larger group. These decisions will not always please each individual, but we aim to try.

Being Part of an Alpengirl Group

When you arrive at camp you are immediately enveloped into a family-like group. 

  • We respect each other and ourselves. 
  • We speak well of each other and ourselves. 
  • We care about each other and ourselves. 
  • We support each other and ourselves. 
  • We encourage each other and ourselves. 
  • We help each other and ourselves. 
  • We don’t put anyone down or say anything negative about each other or ourselves. 
  • We don’t bully each other or ourselves. 
  • We make an effort to learn about everyone at camp. 
  • We make an effort to befriend everyone at camp. 
  • We make an effort to grow and to help our group members grow.