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Top Reasons to Choose Alpengirl

Alpengirl is the best choice for adventurous and nature loving campers who want to meet new friends, see new places, try new outdoor activities, and go above and beyond challenges in a small family-like group setting led by energized, fun and inspiring adult female guides.

By choosing Alpengirl, you are choosing to invest in yourself and in your group and in the larger natural world. You are accomplishing leadership challenges, gaining outdoor skills, developing an appreciation of the natural environment, making new and diverse friendships with fellow campers and guides, and you are creating fun and meaningful memories and skills to build on for the rest of your life.

  • FUN
    Alpengirl is a lighthearted adventure camp filled with fun and games
    Make lasting camp friends with a diverse assortment of people from all over the world
    New adventure sports and activities are introduced daily in our active camp itineraries
    Living outside connects campers with nature and develops a greater appreciation of simple comforts
    Eating healthy camp food, practicing yoga and being active outdoors with a positive attitude
    Increase self esteem while accomplishing personal goals and developing leadership skills
    Be a valued member of a small, tight knit and inclusive group that share a common interest
    No previous experience is required, only a willingness to try and a desire to have fun
  • NEW
    Alpengirl is New Places, New People, New Activities, New YOU!


Our camps allow personalities and skills to grow and shine. Providing an adventure camp that embraces and empowers campers is at the heart of Alpengirl

Our Philosophy

Our Guides Are The Best

Here’s why our awesome camp leaders (Alpenguides) are so amazing - they are so cool they even have super-powers!

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Alpengirl has been taking teens on trips for over 25 years! We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in a critical period in young peoples lives and give them an experience that helps inform the confident adventuresses they will become. You can accomplish more than you might believe - and have fun doing it. Just read our reviews and see for yourself!

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Our number one priority of course is safety first and we are cautious and thoughtful in our approach to risk management. Campers feel free to challenge themselves to overcome fears and meet goals in our supportive environment.

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Great Trips

We’re in the most amazing places in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rocky Mountains. We’re doing the best things every day like hiking, camping in tents, living outdoors, rafting, surfing, horse riding

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